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Despite the media’s praise of Joe Biden and his election “victory,” things aren’t all wine and roses for his family.

Major evidence is coming out right now against members of his family. Amazing how the media didn’t cover all this when it came out—right before the election.

Hunter Biden actually admitted that the Feds are investigating him over his tax affairs. It seems that has something to do with his deals with Chinese companies.

But he’s not the only Biden in hot water. And Joe should be sweating right now. From Politico:

In addition to the probe into Hunter Biden, federal authorities in the Western District of Pennsylvania are conducting a criminal investigation of a hospital business in which Joe Biden’s brother James was involved. Federal officials have asked questions about James Biden’s role in the business, according to a second person with direct knowledge of that investigation, who said it remains ongoing.

As federal authorities investigate Hunter Biden, another case is revolving around Joe’s brother James.

It seems like a criminal investigation is ongoing over a hospital business connected to James Biden. Some time ago, we heard about this situation. It seems this hospital was doing things less-than-legally.

But the media, at the time, tried to explain James’ connection away. But despite their attempts at hiding this news, the federal government was still investigating.

Biden and his campaign previously claimed not to know about these probes. But now, they are trying to defend Hunter and James, claiming these are “difficult challenges.”

Their response makes it seem like Biden’s family are innocent victims, unjustly targeted. That’s pretty typical of Democrats, who claim it’s always someone else’s fault, not theirs.

Time and again, Democrat leaders are caught in some form of wrongdoing. Do they fess up? Do they admit they’re wrong?

Nope. They always blame someone else. That shouldn’t surprise us, then, to see most of their supporters think the same way.

Will the Biden family be held accountable? Or will they be able to paper over all the investigations and questionable activities?

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