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Not only were Dominion voting machines connected to the Internet, in the 2020 election in Georgia, Dominion actually took over voting machines remotely. Crazy.

There were comments originally that Dominion was not connected to the Internet. An individual representing Dominion before the election claimed that Dominion voting machines were not connected to the Internet. FOX News interviewed Dominion spokesperson Michael Steel on November 22:

When asked if a poll worker could use a USB thumb drive to add votes for a candidate, Steel said that the vote tabulators do not have such access. He also said they are not connected to the internet.

“It’s not physically possible to do what they’re describing,” he reiterated. He also disputed a claim that an algorithm weighed votes for Biden greater than votes for Trump, noting again that the paper ballot records would reveal that.

We uncovered shortly after Steele spoke that he was a Jeb Bush lackey:

Steele lied about Dominion voting machines not having Internet access. A week or so later, Rudy Giuliani asked an expert about this claim:


Not only was Dominion accessible on the Internet, it was accessible by far-left Indivisible Organizers on Election Night — An Obama-linked group that endorsed Joe Biden.

In the interview with the Georgia Senate, Susan Boyles, a Georgia poll manager stated that Dominion accessed Georgia voting machines remotely:


The individual actually said they remoted into ballot marking devices:


So, Dominion voting machines can be accessed by far-left Obama related groups. Individuals related to Dominion accessed ballot marking devices remotely in Georgia (and likely other states) during the 2020 election. This doesn’t sound secure.


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