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Appearing with Joy Reid, Al Sharpton blasted the Texas lawsuit against 4 battleground states as “a direct war against Black voters.”

Host Joy Reid said “This is nothing short to me of white nationalism in action in our political system. It’s anti-democracy. She added “They are only going after cities where the prominent black voters and saying that is where the fraud is. It’s a direct war against Black voters.”

Sharpton replied “you’re absolutely right. When you look at where they have methodically gone off Black voting districts, Black voting areas, they’re not questioning all the votes in the city or state, just certain areas.

They are directly trying to disenfranchise and criminalize Black voters. And we need to call it for what it is. This is a clear racist attempt to disenfranchise black voters by people a that celebrated the nuking of the Voting Rights Act.”

Sharpton also called Republican legal efforts “classic white supremacy.”


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